Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Do I Replace My Microwave's Fuse?

How could something so small be so important? Very Important!

I had a customer call yesterday and ask how to replace their microwave's fuse. Good question! It's really rather simple. Now, a fuse doesn't break for no reason at all. There is usually another underlying problem but usually it is because of a power surge. So, keep that in mind when replacing your fuse that you may have another problem if this isn't a quick fix.

First you have to find the location of your fuse. Makes sense! They usually look like the one pictured above and range anywhere from one to two inches long. When purchasing you are looking for a "ceramic microwave fuse".

You will need to take off the cabinet or shell of your microwave with two screws. A simple screwdriver will work. Now, use your power cord as a guide and find your inner workings. You will probably see a computer or power board where you will see what is called a fuse holder.

Next, examine the fuse. If you have ever seen a blown fuse you will know exactly what this is, if not, you are looking for burned markings on the ceramic or white part of the fuse. You may also see melted parts or it may be solid black. You have to look for residue kinda like when a firecracker blows. If you have an ohmmeter go ahead and test it. If you come up with a zero you are good but any other numbers means you need a new fuse.

Next, simply purchase a replacement fuse and replace. Very simple. Now, put your microwave back together and give it a whirl! Heat a cup of water to test. Usually all is well, you now have a happy microwave ready to do some nuking!

Hope that helps, Food for thought,


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